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We all know that Raksha Bandhan is a lovely festival celebrated in India, which shows the sacred relationship of brother and sister. These people make many types of dishes in their homes and children say these dishes with great fun. Raksha Bandhan comes for all the sisters and Bahi eagerly awaits this day. On this day, Rakhi ties on her brother’s wrist, this festival makes her relationship very agile. Most people say that a brother’s sister is the most loved person in the world. This brother vows to protect his sister and Raksha Bandhan gifts. So, below are some of the best rakhi wishes brother and rakhi wishes sister which you can share with your friends on any social platform you want.

Raksha Bandhan Wishes For Brother :

  1. We make a good team. You are the fun one, and I am the smart one.

  2. No matter where we are in the world, I know I have a brother looking out for me. You are my superhero when I need you.

  3. Though I have my own family now, I will always have a special place in my heart for you. We were friends as children, and we always will be.

  4. Thank you for never sugar coating the truth. I need you to keep me balanced when I have wild ideas. You need me in order to keep you busy!

  5. The Rakhi can be cut easily, but our bond is built on the strong foundation of history. We go back together all the way to the beginning. Nothing can take that from us.

  6. It’s good to know I have someone so strong looking out for me.

  7. I’m proud of all that you have accomplished in your life. I will continue to wish you the best, and I know you will continue with many more successes.

  8. I feel safe knowing I have you by my side. When life throws challenges at me, you will be there. Thank you for this incredible feeling of security!

  9. I pray for you to have peace, good health, and happiness.

  10. It’s easy for me to tell that you care about me. You do so much for me. Expect a hug from me soon!

  11. Dear bhaiya, let us make this Raksha Bandhan a memorable one by creating beautiful memories.

  12. Every Raksha Bandhan you promise me to take care of me and live up to it without fail…. Happy Rakhi.

  13. With a brother like you, I have to worry about nothing because I know you are there.Raksha Bandhan Wishes For Brother

  14. Today is the day to celebrate our bond of love… the day to thank God for sending us as brother and sister… the day to make promises and fulfill them…. Wishing you a very Happy Rakhi.

  15. Dearest bhaiya, you are the one who completes my life with your love and affection, care and support…. I wish that you are blessed with choicest blessings of Almighty…. Happy Raksha Bandhan to you.

  16. When your hearts are close, distance doesn’t matter. Though I am not there to tie Rakhi on your wrist but my warm wishes are always there with you. May you have a joyous and successful life. Miss you.

  17. Dearest Bhaiya, you are not just a brother to me but you are also the best friend I have. When you are around nothing seems impossible. Always be there to make me happy and feel blessed. Love you lots.

  18. On the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, I just want to say that you are the best brother in the world and I am so lucky to be born as your little sister. You are the most precious of all. Happy Rakhi bhaiya.

  19. To my dearest brother who has always supported me and protected me since childhood days, I want to wish you all the happiness… Warm wishes on Raksha Bandhan.

  20. There is no other festival for which I am as excited as I am for Raksha Bandhan because it celebrates the beautiful bond we share.

  21. When you have a brother who stands by you in all the good and bad times, you really don’t need anyone else…. Wishing you a very Happy Raksha Bandhan bhaiya.

  22. There is one thing that I know that till the time you are there with me, I have nothing to fear in life… Happy Raksha Bandhan to the best brother in this world.

  23. I know I am never alone because I have a brother showering his love on me and taking care of me the most special way…. Happy Raksha Bandhan to you.

  24. Having a brother like you makes me feel safe in this world. I know I can turn to you if I need help.

  25. A good brother is valuable to his sister. You’re priceless to me!

According to Hinduism, the festival has been celebrated many times since the Rakshabandhan. It is a lovely festival which brings happiness to sister brother. Today we have brought some wishes related to your brother, who can send his brother on Rakhi day, he can be happy. The sister also gifts her brother a rakhi for the brother. So, below are rakhi wishes for brother which you can share with your brother on any social platform you want.

Raksha Bandhan Wishes For Sister :

  1. Wishing my best buddy a very happy Rakhi. Enjoy the day, dear sister.

  2. From a chubby kid with a running nose to a beautiful woman, you have come a long way sister. Happy Rakhi!

  3. We share a strong bond. May it grow stronger with the passage of time. Happy Rakhi!

  4. Dear sister, may you always be happy and in the pink of health. Wishing you a very happy Rakhi.

  5. The day to gorge on sweets and have lots of fun has arrived. Wishing you a very happy Rakhi, dear sister.

  6. May God grant you a happy, long and healthy life. Happy Rakhi, dear sister!

  7. There is not a dull moment when you are around. Happy Rakhi, sis.

  8. The best gift mom and dad gave me is a wonderful sister like you. Happy Rakhi, sis!

  9. Dear sister, you are my best friend and I would never want to part from you. Happy Rakhi!

  10. No one understands me as you do. You are my closest ally and the one in whom I can place my complete trust. Happy Rakhi, dear sister!

  11. On this auspicious occasion, I want you to know that I really care for you and would always stand by your side. Happy Rakhi, sis!

  12. We are miles apart from each other, but are still connected as both of us will remain in each other’s hearts forever. Happy Rakhi, sis!

  13. I have such a wonderful sister like you. There is nothing more that I want from God. Happy Rakhi, sis!Raksha Bandhan Wishes For Sister

  14. Many years ago, God gave me a wonderful gift and that was you, dear sister. Happy Rakhi!

  15. Every night I thank God for giving me a sister like you. Happy Rakhi!

  16. Dear sister, it is because of your guidance that I have achieved success in life. Happy Rakhi!

  17. I don’t deserve to have you as my sister. You have done so much for me since I was little.

  18. Remember when I used to pick on you when we were kids? You got the best of me a few times as well. I miss those days. It was a fun time in my life.

  19. Sometimes I think you can read my mind. If you can read my mind, then you already knew that anyway.

  20. I like that you are not just my sister, but you’re also my friend. Our relationship is something I’m very grateful to have.

  21. Thanks for being a good listener, giving me your honest opinion, and accepting me for who I am. Only a sister can care as much as you without being pushy.

  22. To really know someone, you have to have a lot of history with them. We have that history together. That is why we have such a strong bond.

  23. Sometimes I wonder if we’re really related. You have accomplished so much, and I am really proud to call you my sister.

  24. We are tied together by the relation of blood and time. Our parents are honored by our continuation as friends even into adulthood.

  25. Thank you for being tough enough to handle being my sister. You deserve my respect.

Raksha Bandhan is a loving relationship that strengthens the siblings’ relationship. On this day, Bhai Rakhi gifts for sister are very happy to be present. Because a brother loves his sister very much and he can guess the value of the sister’s love. So, below are the best rakhi message for sister and rakhi wishes for sister which you can share with your sister on any social platform you want.

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